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Device is in use by another program

Only one program can access the device at a time. If there is already another program using the device, Tango can't open it and you get this error.

On computers, Google ADB is the most common program that may be using the device, and other programs may bundle Google ADB to access Android devices. Tango doesn't use Google ADB, and can't work together with it.

To stop it, follow these steps:

  1. If you know which program may be accessing the device, close it first.
  2. Right click on the empty space of the taskbar, and select "Task Manager".
  3. In the "Processes" tab, find adb.exe or adb.exe *32 in the "Name" column. then adb is already exited after step 1.
  4. Right click on it, and select "End task".

If the adb.exe process comes back after you close it, then some program is repeatedly starting it. You must find and close that program first.

Cannot connect to "device name", access denied

We have acknowledged that this error is happening to some Linux users, but we need more information to solve it. If you are experiencing this error, please provide your distribution name, browser name, browser version, and browser installation method to