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The terminal page allows you to run shell commands on the device. It's same as running adb shell command on your computer.


Running shell commands on the device can be dangerous. You can easily break your device or lose data. Be careful and only run commands you understand.

Opening the terminal page

To open the terminal page, first navigate to the Advanced page, then tap on the Open button in the Terminal card.

Difference between adb shell and adb shell command

When you run adb shell on your computer, you enter an interactive shell session on the device. You can run multiple commands, and the shell session will keep running until you exit it.

When you run adb shell command on your computer, you run a single command on the device. The command will run and return the output, then the shell session will exit.

The terminal page in Tango works like adb shell, it runs an interactive shell session on the device. If you see a command that starts with adb shell and you want to run it in Tango, just remove the adb shell part. For example, if you see adb shell ls, only type ls in the terminal page.

Other ADB commands

Other ADB commands, like adb push or adb root, are implemented in Google ADB client. But since Tango doesn't use Google ADB client, these commands are not available here.

For some ADB commands, Tango provides a more user-friendly way to run them. For example, to push files to the device, you can use the File Browser page. If the command you need is not available in Tango, you can send a feature request with your use case in our Discord server.

Command bar

The command bar at top of the page has the following buttons:

  • Fullscreen: Enters fullscreen mode. In full screen mode, the Esc key will be captured and sent to the device. To exit full screen mode, press and hold the Esc key for 2 seconds.
  • Clear: Clears the terminal output.