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Device Overview

The overview page displays the following information:

  • Device name
  • Screenshot
  • Connected Wi-Fi network name
  • Wi-Fi connection IP address
  • Android system version
  • Battery level
  • Internal storage usage
  • Memory usage

Tap button will refresh all information.

This page also includes links to other features. Use the tabs on the top or cards in the bottom right to switch between them.


The left side of the page displays a screenshot of the device. The screenshot can be updated by tapping button on the top.

If the device screen is turned off, the screenshot will be unavailable. The foreground app may also prevent screenshots from being taken for privacy, security, copyright protection, or other reasons.

Tap button on the top right of screenshot view will download the screenshot as a PNG file.

Storage and memory usage

These values can be slightly different from the values displayed in the device's "Settings" app. Some storage and memory is reserved for the system, and not counted in the values displayed here.